A guide to implement Intercultural Education
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Untitled Document Based on these assumptions, the INTER project purports to improve quality of education and contribute to innovation in schools by assisting them in the adoption / implementation of an intercultural approach, fostering the reflection on cultural diversity and providing a practical tool for training initial and in-service teachers. The project will focus on developing, making use of, and validating a practical and systematic guide which will provide support in analysing, implementing and/or improving intercultural education in school practices. Within this context the key objectives of the proposal are:

1. To map out the cultural diversity of students and communities in European school settings, and more specifically in those countries involved in the project.

2. To critically assess the educational policies and practices developed in relation to meeting the needs of culturally diverse students and communities.

3. To define and exemplify the intercultural approach in education in terms of theoretical foundations and practical implications.

4. To elaborate a systematic guide as a device to analyse, support, manage and improve the intercultural approach in schooling practices, in relation to curriculum and institutional dimensions.

5. To use and validate the guide in the diverse teacher training institutions involved in the project.